Old Man Markley

Old Man Markley isn’t your typical punk rock band nor are they your traditional bluegrass band. They produce a combination of both styles of genre in their music. They refer to their sound as “newgrass” which is an epic amalgam of these two distinctive genres. As a result, they have garnered the love and support of thousands of fans across the globe. Old Man Markley is composed of seven members namely Johnny Carey on vocals and guitar, Joey Garibaldi on vocals and bass, Annie DeTemple on vocals and autoharp, Katie Weed on vocals and fiddle, Ryan Markley on washboard, Jeff Fuller on drums and John Rosen on vocals and banjo. They initially stepped into the music scene in 2010. The band makes use of a one of a kind blend of punk rock and bluegrass. They were signed by Fat Wreck Records who released Guts n’ Teeth, their debut album in 2011.

Word of mouth quickly spread about how Old Man Markley was consistently remarkable in all of their live shows. As a result, over the next few years they have worked alongside well renowned bands such as The Reverend Horton Heat, Flogging Molly, NOFX, Bad Religion, Against Me and The Descendents. Their unique sound and vibe was embraced by the punk rock community all over the world. Their amazing live performances drew in more loyal fans which have supported the band all throughout these years. Similar to the incredible support they’ve received from the punk rock community, they also gained similar love and support from the bluegrass community. It has helped them earn a #8 debut spot on the Billboard Bluegrass Charts with their debut album Guns n’ Teeth. Their success was even recognized by the country music scene which helped them gain a spot in Stagecoach, a popular country music festival held in California.

After they toured for two years, they have gained an increased following of loyal fans across the world. The band released their second album Down Side Up which they recorded in their hometown Southern California. Joey Garibaldi stated in an interview that the band wrote and recorded the songs for their second album in a small studio which they’ve built inside the house they’ve been practicing on since the beginning of their career. NOFX vocalist and Fat Wreck Chords owner Fat Mike was their producer for the second album. Johnny Carey, the band’s main vocalist worked alongside Fat Mike to perfect the album which included thirteen new tracks. In an interview with Johnny Carey he stated that Fat Mike has supported the band in the entire album making process.

The band didn’t restrict their creativity in the release of their second album. They embraced their unique sound which was clearly evident in all thirteen new tracks in Down Side Up. Old Man Markley is a band which is filled with so much love and passion for the music they create. Since they have been working together for more than six years now, the band has perfected how to perform as one cohesive unit. They are completely dedicated to their craft which is what helps them produce seamless harmonies and exceptional sounds.