Mumford and Sons

If you like British rock bands, and who doesn’t, then you’re probably a fan of Mumford & Sons. The band, formed in 2007, includes lead vocalist Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett on the keyboard, Winston Marshall on electric guitar, and Ted Dwane playing the bass. Sit back and let us share with you all about the band Mumford & Sons.


Hits and Awards


The group’s three studio albums did well on the UK Albums Chart, as well as on the US Billboard 200. In fact, their album entitled Babel became the fastest-selling rock album of the decade in 2012. The fellows headlined at the Glastonbury Festival in 2013 and produced two live albums: Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire (2011) and The Road to Red Rocks (2012)


The band has won the Brit Award for Best British Album in 2011 and six Grammy Award nominations. In 2011, the boys’ live performance at the Grammy ceremony with Bob Dylan and The Avett Brothers, raised the band’s profile significantly in the US. It was at this ceremony when the lads won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year, and eight nominations for Babel. In 2013, the band members won the title of Best British Group in the form of a Brit Award.


Humble Beginnings


All four of the Mumford & Sons’ band members are excellent musicians and play multiple instruments. Their name was chosen because Marcus Mumford was the most well-known at the time. Ben Lovett explained further that they all thought the name conjured up the memory of “an antiquated family business.”


The Sound


At the time that the band was beginning to gel, several similar groups popped up in London’s West End. The musicians were soon labeled part of the “West London folk scene,” but according to the Herald Sun, Mumford was quick to downplay any association with folk acts. However, at least on iTunes, the chaps are put in the genre “PopRock.” The AllMusic site notes, however, that their music is a mixture of bluegrass, rock, country, and folk,


In 2012, the band announced it would be taking a hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. Then in 2015, the group returned to the stage and heralded a new album release. The studio-recorded Wilder Mind album debuted at number one on the charts. The boys toured in South Africa in 2016 and recorded an extended play (EP) piece and released the single “There Will Be Time” in June.


Little-Known Facts


Thanks to Buzzfeed, ever the arbiter of interesting facts, there are a few things most people don’t know about Mumford & Sons. Here are some of those tidbits:


· Mumford was brought up in England, but he was born in the US during the time his mom and dad were missionaries for an evangelical Christian sect known as The Vineyard. This movement emphasized the importance of music as a part of worship.

· Mumford is married to Carey Mulligan, the much-acclaimed actress. They were pen pals when they were children.

· Band member Ben Lovett loves food and loves cooking.

· Winston Marshall’s dad is the adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister of Britain.

· The British GQ magazine named Winston Marshall the “sixth worst-dressed man in 2012.


This talented group of music-makers is and will continue to be, a hot commodity.



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