If you like British rock bands, and who doesn’t, then you’re probably a fan of Mumford & Sons. The band, formed in 2007, includes lead vocalist Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett on the keyboard, Winston Marshall on electric guitar, and Ted Dwane playing the bass. Sit back and let us share with you all about the band Mumford & Sons.


Hits and Awards


The group’s three studio albums did well on the UK Albums Chart, as well as on the US Billboard 200. In fact, their album entitled Babel became the fastest-selling rock album of the decade in 2012. The fellows headlined at the Glastonbury Festival in 2013 and produced two live albums: Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire (2011) and The Road to Red Rocks (2012)


The band has won the Brit Award for Best British Album in 2011 and six Grammy Award nominations. In 2011, the boys’ live performance at the Grammy ceremony with Bob Dylan and The Avett Brothers, raised the band’s profile significantly in the US. It was at this ceremony when the lads won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year, and eight nominations for Babel. In 2013, the band members won the title of Best British Group in the form of a Brit Award.


Humble Beginnings


All four of the Mumford & Sons’ band members are excellent musicians and play multiple instruments. Their name was chosen because Marcus Mumford was the most well-known at the time. Ben Lovett explained further that they all thought the name conjured up the memory of “an antiquated family business.”


The Sound


At the time that the band was beginning to gel, several similar groups popped up in London’s West End. The musicians were soon labeled part of the “West London folk scene,” but according to the Herald Sun, Mumford was quick to downplay any association with folk acts. However, at least on iTunes, the chaps are put in the genre “PopRock.” The AllMusic site notes, however, that their music is a mixture of bluegrass, rock, country, and folk,


In 2012, the band announced it would be taking a hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. Then in 2015, the group returned to the stage and heralded a new album release. The studio-recorded Wilder Mind album debuted at number one on the charts. The boys toured in South Africa in 2016 and recorded an extended play (EP) piece and released the single “There Will Be Time” in June.


Little-Known Facts


Thanks to Buzzfeed, ever the arbiter of interesting facts, there are a few things most people don’t know about Mumford & Sons. Here are some of those tidbits:


· Mumford was brought up in England, but he was born in the US during the time his mom and dad were missionaries for an evangelical Christian sect known as The Vineyard. This movement emphasized the importance of music as a part of worship.

· Mumford is married to Carey Mulligan, the much-acclaimed actress. They were pen pals when they were children.

· Band member Ben Lovett loves food and loves cooking.

· Winston Marshall’s dad is the adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister of Britain.

· The British GQ magazine named Winston Marshall the “sixth worst-dressed man in 2012.


This talented group of music-makers is and will continue to be, a hot commodity.



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Old Man Markley isn’t your typical punk rock band nor are they your traditional bluegrass band. They produce a combination of both styles of genre in their music. They refer to their sound as “newgrass” which is an epic amalgam of these two distinctive genres. As a result, they have garnered the love and support of thousands of fans across the globe. Old Man Markley is composed of seven members namely Johnny Carey on vocals and guitar, Joey Garibaldi on vocals and bass, Annie DeTemple on vocals and autoharp, Katie Weed on vocals and fiddle, Ryan Markley on washboard, Jeff Fuller on drums and John Rosen on vocals and banjo. They initially stepped into the music scene in 2010. The band makes use of a one of a kind blend of punk rock and bluegrass. They were signed by Fat Wreck Records who released Guts n’ Teeth, their debut album in 2011.

Word of mouth quickly spread about how Old Man Markley was consistently remarkable in all of their live shows. As a result, over the next few years they have worked alongside well renowned bands such as The Reverend Horton Heat, Flogging Molly, NOFX, Bad Religion, Against Me and The Descendents. Their unique sound and vibe was embraced by the punk rock community all over the world. Their amazing live performances drew in more loyal fans which have supported the band all throughout these years. Similar to the incredible support they’ve received from the punk rock community, they also gained similar love and support from the bluegrass community. It has helped them earn a #8 debut spot on the Billboard Bluegrass Charts with their debut album Guns n’ Teeth. Their success was even recognized by the country music scene which helped them gain a spot in Stagecoach, a popular country music festival held in California.

After they toured for two years, they have gained an increased following of loyal fans across the world. The band released their second album Down Side Up which they recorded in their hometown Southern California. Joey Garibaldi stated in an interview that the band wrote and recorded the songs for their second album in a small studio which they’ve built inside the house they’ve been practicing on since the beginning of their career. NOFX vocalist and Fat Wreck Chords owner Fat Mike was their producer for the second album. Johnny Carey, the band’s main vocalist worked alongside Fat Mike to perfect the album which included thirteen new tracks. In an interview with Johnny Carey he stated that Fat Mike has supported the band in the entire album making process.

The band didn’t restrict their creativity in the release of their second album. They embraced their unique sound which was clearly evident in all thirteen new tracks in Down Side Up. Old Man Markley is a band which is filled with so much love and passion for the music they create. Since they have been working together for more than six years now, the band has perfected how to perform as one cohesive unit. They are completely dedicated to their craft which is what helps them produce seamless harmonies and exceptional sounds.



Youthful the Giants is an American shake band that shaped , California, in 2004.The band’s initial three single, “My Body,” “Hack Syrup” and “Condo” achieved the primary five of the US Alternative Songs diagram.


Youthful the Giant experience their name with an energetic richness and an overwhelming sound that mixes canny pop snares with option shake eccentricities. At the point when he’s not headbanging along to the instrumental breaks, alluring frontman Sameer Gadhia murmurs his appealing tunes and breathes life into his tunes with matchless vitality. While he gives the band’s profound pop establishment, dueling guitarists Eric Cannata and Jacob Tilley envelope audience members in the surrounding soundscapes that they invoke with their reverberating riffs. Bassist Payam Doostzadeh and drummer Francois Comtois pound out driving rhythms to convey an incensed shake edge to the band’s sound. In the show, the gathering joins every one of these components to hypercharge officially electric hits like “Hack Syrup,” “My Body,” and “Better late than never.” Ticket purchasers are urged to chime into the infectious purification as green the Giants conveys their fun-filled franticness to urban areas crosswise over North America.

Foundation SNAPSHOT:

Before they were known as Young, the Giants, nonmainstream sweethearts The Jakes were a cutting-edge act in Irvine, CA, where their 2008 EP Shakes My Hands turned into an underground crush. After a program shakeup and visits with Minus, the Bear and Neon Trees, the band chose to changes their names to Young, the Giants in 2009. Their self-titled presentation collection turned into a breakout achievement the next year behind the singles “My Body,” “Hack Syrup,” and “Flat.” Among another acclaim, the collection was named the third best shake record of the year by Amazon.com. Their 2014 sophomore exertion Mind Over Matter further solidified the gathering as nonmainstream hit-creators with the achievement of singles “Finally” and “Solidified.” The band remains a featuring heavyweight, and a sought after apparatus at celebrations given the power and excitement of their live shows.

The California band Young the Giants is a five-man melodic blend.

Lead artist, Sameer Gadhia is original Indian-American, while other band individuals are British, first Persian-American, French-Canadian and Italian-Jewish from New Jersey.

Youthful the Giant “brings the majority of the music together,” Gadhia said in a phone meet from Orange County. “We draw on various encounters and impacts, and it truly descends to our experiences – what we tuned in to, the verses that influenced us, the stories that shaped us.”

Gadhia originates from a melodic foundation: All four of his grandparents were legendary vocalists in India.

“Their talk and also their tunes influenced me a considerable measure,” he said. “I surmise that goes for everybody (in the band). What they grew up tuning in to has a great deal to do with what they tune in to now.”

The mixed sound of Young the Giant – opening for Neon Trees one week from now at the Rock Island Brewing Company – has been contrasted and The Strokes, Vampire Weekend and Kings of Leon.

“We don’t attempt to go excessively gimmicky or anything like that,” he said. “We don’t attempt and compel it. If it’s there, it’s there. It happens.”

The four played in different bands in secondary school and their circles in the end covered.

“It was quite recently inescapable that we got together with each other and began playing,” Sadia said.


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